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Crossover Catalyst solves for the organization as well as for the individual, treating both as clients.

For Clients

We invest time to understand deeply the work of the organization, its people, culture, beneficiaries and important stakeholders. We build a robust view of the role we are helping staff, as well as the key elements of what it will take for the incumbent to succeed in the position and the organization in a sustainable manner. Our clients appreciate the fact that we are often the firm that brings them the least number of, but the most relevant candidates, saving valuable management time.

For Candidates

On the side of the individual candidate, we aim to unpack the motivations for transition to the development sector, parse through and help with deepening the knowledge and understanding of the sector, and where appropriate, connect them with opportunities that are aligned with their experience, background and passions. Our individual clients value us for our independent and objective counsel on their transition and opportunities they are considering, even when not originated by us.

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